Thursday, 17 September 2009

That was yesterday and this is today.

Thought I'd take a break from basic colours today and wear these.

They are from Gregg Homme and are labeled the '3G Dynamo Briefs'. Have no idea what the 3G refers to, maybe they were thinking of the iPhone at the time!

The cut is a bit strange for my liking, I think they'd come under the 'hipster' style as I keep thinking they've slipped down too much and keep trying to hitch them up. So no waistband to show off above your jeans here guys!

However the material is the best part of them, a mix between polyester and spandex which makes 'em feel super comfy next to the skin and very stretchy. So because of that, I kind'a like 'em! Plus the pattern reminds me of those long gone days of paisley Y-Fronts, remember those. I loved 'em and still own a few!


Ok, so I kind'a ran out of time to be able to post on here yesterday, typical!

So what was I wearing. Well I thought it was a bit of a PINK day yesterday and no I don't mean music wise. I sorted out a pair of trusty pink Y-Fronts. These are from the recently re-issued, Retro Y-Front sports brief edition. Yeh, I know these are very 'old school' for some of you guys out there and they're 100% cotton, where as, I'm way more prone to wear briefs that include lycra to make 'em far more stretchy! But there's just something about Jockey Y Fronts that I can't quite put my finger on! Maybe it's because I grew up in the era where the majority of underwear worn by lads/men was from the Jockey brand.

Only the other day I noticed a good friend of mine was also wearing retro Y-Fronts, (I spotted the waistband) but the much deeper coloured editions. Eventually I worked out he was wearing the green briefs with black trim and yes I did get to see him wearing them and WOW, did he look GOOD in em! Anyways, as far as I knew the deeper colours were only available in the States. Typically here in the UK we always suffer from not being able to buy the same in our stores as over in the States. He did tell me where he got them from, but I forgot :0( So if your reading this and I know he's looked once or twice because he's told me :0). Let me know where you got them from again!

I can remember some GREAT pairs of briefs we used to be able to buy from the Jockey brand. One such briefs I can never get out of my mind were bright yellow, everything, including the trim and they were of some sort of stretchier material than cotton, plus they were mesh. I had about 3 pairs of them when I was younger around ten or twelve and I wore them as much as I could. I think I wore them so many times that they became thread bare.

I wish Jockey would catch up with the other mens underwear brands and bring back some of the older styles just like these retro Y's. Maybe they plan too, maybe this is just one of many they plan too re-release! Well, if you do Jockey, remember don't just manufacture them in cotton, bring back the stretchy material too or at least a substitute for what you used before. Lycra or something like it! I know it's possible as they already use 'Stretch Cotton' and 'Microfibers' including a Mesh and even Nylon in some of their current styles!