Friday, 11 September 2009

What I'm wearing today.

Today I've been wearing these, some great briefs from my favorite underwear label 'AussieBum'. These are the 'Star Brief Vega'. I'm so taken by these and the waistband is just GREAT! Try hiding that under your trousers lol.

My only bug bear is the piping around the leg openings. Why is the piping hanging off the material and not wrapped around it like normal underwear, you know, where it covers the front and then wraps around to the inside. It kind of restricts the stretchiness off them, and I don't know about the rest of you 'Undies' guys, but I like my briefs stretchy.

Anyways. it's only a minor bug bear as nearly every piece of AussieBum underwear (well the Briefs, lol) are HOT. As much as I love my CK's and other brands, AussieBum have done something no other brand has been able to do. Make mens underwear a major statement and above all make 'em fun and desirable. Making you want to come back for more.

We all know the major fashion labels use hot models for their underwear... but they all stand there doing typical male fashion poses that the so called professional photographer seems to think is the best thing since sliced bread. Not AussieBum! They make 'em look real, fun and feel that we can all look like that in our AB's :0)

Keep it up AB and I think a lot of the big fashion houses should take a leaf out of your book at how mens underwear can be marketed, especially the photography!

But one question... when are we going to get the 'Star Jock and the 'Lightning Jock'? Come on AussieBum, all us jock wearers are waiting with baited breath!

So why Briefs and when did it all start!

Well to answer this question 'briefly' lol, just take a look at this pic I found on the net. Oh and if this pic is copyrighted in any way or you happen to be the person who snapped it, lucky person, then just let me know and i'll remove it! Mind you, it would be a shame to remove it, as I think it kind of says everything about why many 'undies' guys an myself feel the same about 'em!

I think my 'obsession' or whatever you want to call it started way back when I was around the age of seven, maybe even younger. All I remember back then was constantly flipping through the home catalogue pages until I came to the mens underwear section and then just staring at the guys in their briefs and thinking WOW!

Luckily when I was younger and growing up virtually every guy wore briefs, well in my school anyway. I can vividly remember waiting for 'PE' lessons (That's Physical Education here in the UK) and taking peeks of what colours of briefs my fellow class mates were wearing. As most of the lads wore basic Y fronts or A type briefs, then the major difference was the colours. There were some great colours back then, Yellows, Blues, Purples all sorts not to mention great patterns and nylon!. Some were the same colour all over and some had contrasting waist and leg bands. Either in white or a different colour. Blimey, all the memories and visions are flowing back to me as I sit here writing this :0)

I've thought about writing one of these 'bloggs' for ages now. Being content to just sit here and read other guys 'bloggs' about their underwear. But now i've started I don't think I'll be able to stop!

I apologize now for my writing skills, as I'm no journalist and the most I've ever written has been essays for school and collage work. So don't 'shoot' me lol.

Anyway back to my 'obsession'. Part 2 coming soon.