Monday, 14 September 2009

And today's undies have been!

My choice of underwear today has been some of my favorites from Calvin Klein, the 'Steel' Microfiber briefs range. I have these in many colours, but today I chose lime green. I'm not saying that I felt in a very lime green mood lol, but I looked at all the colours and decided this was going to be my choice.

These briefs from Calvin Klein are super stretchy and soooooo comfy to wear that you definitely forget your wearing them and the choice of colours you can find them in is great! CK also do the same briefs in cotton which as you can imagine I also have and they are kewl too. However, if you ever have to make a choice between the two, make sure you choose the Microfiber version. Believe me, you will not be disappointed!

Not a bad day for September.

The summer time here in the UK has been pretty bad again this year in fact it's becoming the norm for us. This year we've had may be one week I can remember that was good and that was way back in April. I can't think of one occasion this year it's been too hot to sleep and I've had to break out the fan and keep it on all night.

Well, that's the UK for you!

But, even though it's been pretty poor this year, last week we had a mini hot spell. So warm, we could even sit out in the garden and soak up the last few rays before the bloody winter sets in. We had been told by various weather people that we'd be having this continue for a week or two. Ha, guess what? As I sit here typing this, it's been dull and not very warm for the past few days... they got that wrong, YET again!

Just like the forecast they gave us at the beginning of the year, informing us that we'd be having one of the best summers for a long time and WOW, did they 'nacker' that one up. So many people on our coastal areas were gearing up for a good season, only to be beaten down.

Anyways back to the reason for my post. We had a few good days and guess what? I took advantage of them and decided to sit outside in my underwear, briefs of course!

Here's a couple of pics I snapped off, on my trusty iPhone.

My question to all you 'Undie' guys is, do you do the same? Do you just whip your trousers off, or for all the blokes who live over the big pond 'whip your pants off' (to us Brits, pants is also what we call our underwear, but i'm sure you already know that) and catch the rays in your briefs or indeed anything else you may be wearing under your trousers.

In my own garden I'm fine with doing this, well at certain times. Wish I had the nerve to do it else where lol.

To be honest, it's only the same as wearing swimming trunks, but a lot of prudish people seem to think 'speedo' style swimmers are not the sort of thing any bloke should be wearing outside in public... idiots!

Lets face it, even a stupid theme park here in the UK called Alton Towers has banned blokes from wearing Speedo style swim wear. How lame can you get. Let's not get me started on that subject. No, i'll leave that for another post!