Friday, 9 October 2009

Kewl Briefs

Not so long ago I offered to do a favour for a friend of mine concerning some artwork! I'm glad to say that he was more than happy with the results and in return he offered to send me a small gift! Well, guess what the gift was :0) Yep, you got it a 'kewl' pair of briefs!

So my friend, here you are a piccy of me wearing 'em!

These are the first pair of 'pouch' front briefs I've had and yes, I'm a bit slow to own any lol... and WOW, I gotta say, they are so comfortable! I reckon some day all mens underwear will be constructed like this and I will definitely be purchasing some more in the future. I have my eye on the Obviously range as they look well good :0)

Anyway's, sorry I haven't been around lately, to share pics or thoughts, I've kind'a been busy with various things. Maybe I'll let you know one day ;0)