Sunday, 13 September 2009

Is it all just a load of 'PANTS'!

Saturday evening I was out with friends and I decided to come clean and show them my new blog.... do you ever wish you hadn't done something, but by the time you realise this, it's way too late!

I took the plunge, got my trusty iPhone out (yes, I'm also a big Apple fan) and dialed up my 'blog' page, thinking what's the reactions gonna be, as all three of them are also 'Undie aficionados'. Well, as I said a few lines up, I wish I hadn't. To say they took the 'pee' is an understatement.

The reactions ranged from, no comment, to no comment at all, too the 'haven't I got anything else better to do with my time". Oh and the main word banded around was, 'obsession'. Well, yeh, I have used the word 'obsession' in my profile description, but when someone else uses the word, it kind'a sounds like it's all very wrong!

Well, guess what, I don't care lol. I love my 'obsession' :0) and yeh, if anyone wants to refer to it as that, then that's fine... I couldn't give a 'stuff'!

I know there are quite a few guys out there the same and OK, maybe we are 'few and far between', but I'm sure those guys will agree... It's not all just a load of PANTS, there's way more to it than that! Not to mention, surfing around the net lately, I've found a few guys who are JUST as 'obsessed' with underwear as me if not more. Which I personally think is way cool.

Oh, and just to confirm my 'obsession' lol, I do own over a thousand pairs of briefs and jocks lol and yeh at some point your going to see 'em all!

Todays briefs

Well, here we are three days into my new blog and I'm already behind with 'What I'm wearing today'. I dunno, not a good start is it lol.

Well, I have a good excuse, mainly because I had a pretty good Friday evening/night and Saturday day time! But we'll leave it at that and say no more :0)

Above is a pic of what I've been wearing today, a pair of the earlier Blue Emporio Armani hip briefs and although I have to admit, the marketing shots of David Beckham wearing the current style are pretty fantastic, (I have to own up, to being a bit of a fan :0) ) I much prefer this style. I own two pairs, one in blue and one in white, so at some point in time you'll get to see those as well.

Yesterday, Saturday that is, I was wearing another of my many 'AussieBums' that I own. A pair of the 'Flaunt' range, in white, (see above) again a fantastic pair of briefs with another wicked waistband. So comfortable and dead sexy to look at.