Wednesday, 16 September 2009

One of the reasons I started this blog!

Not only did I start this blog to share my passion for all things 'briefs' but also to chat and exchange ideas and thoughts with other guys like myself. In the short space of time I've started this, I've chatted with some real nice blokes. One of them being the owner of a GREAT blog called 'undies 101' over the big pond, in the States.

It's 'undies 101' that's inspired me to start this thing off. If you've found my blog from anywhere else, then please do your self a favor and click on one of links to the site, as I'm positive you won't be disappointed. He has a huge collection of underwear like myself and looks mighty fine in each and every one of them. Not to mention we've been communicating for various reasons over the past few weeks and I have to say he comes across as an exceptionally all round nice guy. So 'heads' up to you 'undies 101' and thanks for the inspiration!

If, like me, you take the time to read 'undies 101's past posts you'll see that he's been doing something well funky and decided not to repeat wear any pairs of underwear until he'd run out of underwear! How kewl is that :0) You'll have to click on one of the links to his site to see how he got on. As I'm not going to spoil the fun and great pics of him doing the task, it simply wouldn't be fair lol

Anyways, he's let me show a couple of his pics on my blog as an undies guest and will hopefully tempt YOU to click on the link to his blog!

By the way, keep your eye out for the above 'Body Tech' briefs, i'll say no more ;0)