Sunday, 20 September 2009

Weekend wear.

Until now I've not had a chance to post this weekend, so here's what I've been wearing so far... I say so far, because knowing me I'll put something fresh on later.

I woke up Saturday morning and knew I wasn't going to be doing anything exciting, not like last week! So I rolled out of bed and laid my hands on a Jock. An old favorite of mine, a CK Pro Tech. I think that's what it was called when available. Most people just refer to it as the blue banded CK jock now.

It's a few years old and a bit small for me. I knew when I purchased it I should have had the large. Still, it's pretty comfy to wear and sure as hell holds everything in the right places.

Today (Sunday) I kind'a felt in the same frame of mind, so again I decided on a Jock. You've seen these before but in Red. So here they are again the CK Tech Active jock strap. Probably the most comfortable brand and style of jocks I own.

For a good friend of mine.

Jockey branded briefs! Yes, as I've said before they are pretty 'old school' and I know some of you will be saying to yourselves, 'not my type of thing'. However I love 'em and I know someone else who does and so here they are, just for you :0). You should know who you are, lol. Well, at least I hope you do!