Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Today's a Jock day.

I looked at my underwear collection and thought what shall I wear today. Nothing kind'a shouted at me this morning. Then I happened to glance over at a pile of washing sitting there waiting to be either ironed or put away. At the top of the pile as normal... underwear and the first few, some jocks, with a CK Tech Active jock strap directly on top. Being red it kind of shone out like a beacon, so that was it, my choice had been made!

I adore this Jock from the Tech Active range, not just for the comfort, but for the cut and style. I would never have thought that a Jock Strap can have various 'cuts ' and 'styles' to them. Some jocks I've purchased have been way too uncomfortable, due to either not having enough room up front because the pouch has been cut wrong or the waistband has been, well, just wrong.

Don't ask me how a piece of material or elastic can be wrapped around your waist 'wrong', but believe me it can. Not so with these babies! They are so comfy and 'give', in all the right places. Not to mention the RED is just, WOW. I also have the briefs version of the Tech Active range and they are exactly the same.

Another part of the jock strap some manufacturers seem to get wrong, is the straps at the back. They make 'em way too thin! For a jock to be comfortable and worn all day, the straps need to be a decent thickness, so they don't 'pinch ya butt'. On these, they have the perfect straps of one inch wide made from a real soft elastic plus the pouch at the front is made from a great breathable mesh. All in all a great jock strap, one of the best, if not 'The Best'.

I wear jock straps as much as I wear briefs, especially under suits. How about the rest of you 'undies guys', any jock straps for you? Do you wear them as I do under your suit? I feel great wearing a jock under a suit all day, it's like going commando, which I hate, but having what's up front all properly supported. Not to mention it keeps me damn horny all day!

I often look at guys in suits and wonder what they're wearing underneath, 99.9% of the time it's boxers of some description. As I can see the outline of the legs of the boxer-briefs or from the back the excess bulging of the material from saggy, baggy boxers!