Friday, 18 September 2009

That Friday feeling!

Well it's Friday again, where does the week go to? I've gone back to basic colours today, my faves, CK Steel Microfiber Briefs. Only this time bright orange or as CK like to refer to it as, Nectarine!

I gotta say, in my opinion I think this range of briefs from CK are probably one of their best ever. So comfy to wear. The only thing I would suggest to improve them, would be to continue the name on the waistband all the way around to the back.

It's not good for all us 'waistband' spotters out there as there's nothing on the back to denote what they are. It's only us 'briefs spotters' that would know which ones they are, mind you, I suppose that's what it's all about for us. Just by seeing the metal-look waistband above a pair of jeans, we know exactly what a guy is wearing, well the brand and range at least. Whether they're wearing briefs or trunks is another matter entirely!